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Kidsfestival - Season 7


KIDS FESTIVAL is the North East's only, biggest and most popular event dedicated specifically for children and families. Since 2017, this festival has been organized yearly in Guwahati, Assam, with the goal of encouraging young children in this area to learn about varied cultures and geographies of India.The exhibition section, which features the newest and most cutting-edge goods and services for kids and families, is the first of the show's three main focal areas.

Second, there is a workshop area where children, parents, and educators are invited to take part in entertaining, instructive, and cultural activities that are held throughout the event. The third is the mesmerizing stage area, which features an incredible schedule of events and performances. Interschool tournaments are also a feature of this event, and schools can choose to take part in all of them or just a select handful. Each winning team in a given category accrues points for the participating schools. The school with the highest points at the conclusion of the competition will take home this year's most coveted rolling trophy.

A event providing a full day of Fun, Performances, Exhibitions & Enjoyment for children and their families


A feast for the senses, with an amazing lineup of performances for all our audience and cultural nights.


A day of fun and excitement for the whole family, with rides, games, and activities for everyone to enjoy.


A marketplace of creativity, innovation, products & services from brands and local artisans are showcased.


Chance for kids to learn new skills and explore their creativity through games, engaging and educational activities.